Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 1

In chapter one of the book Personal Learning Networks, the topic that caught my eye the most was called Big Shifts. This topic caught my eye when I read it because it tells the truth about what education and networking is coming to. Although I dislike technology, I agree with the writer in every aspect; the writer is not afraid to tell the readers the truth about what is going on.
Even though the author is just stating the facts, I really hate to believe what education is coming to. I ask this question, what is so wrong with pencil and paper? Why do we always have to be coming out with something new to learn? I feel as if coming out with all this new technology does not let the teacher concentrate on the subject that they are suppose be teaching. The teachers are learning all about the technology that I believe is confusing the kids even more then just the subject at hand.
These days all you see is small children running around with ipads and cell phones. What happened to card games and board games? The author illustrates this firmly in the second paragraph when they talk about tethered to mobile. All in all, I like the authors points of view and how they present the information, it really does make you realize a lot of what is happening.  

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