My 21st Century Classroom

"I believe teaching should not just be a job but a passion"

     1. WelcomeMy Narrative-   My “I believe” video is how I believe teaching should not just be a job but a passion. I tell my story from when I was really little on how I have always want to be a teacher. I was not a normal child, I never wanted to be a ballerina or a famous person I wanted to be a teacher. My family was the biggest influence on me especially my cousin Lori. Most of my childhood stories involve me and a chalkboard. My favorite childhood story was when I picked pieces of grass and had my neighbors do math problems with them. I go onto describing my two favorite math teachers. Both of them inspired me to want to become a math teacher and made me realize I could be as passionate of a teacher as they were. One of my math teachers came up with the most creative activities, especially for a math class. To wrap everything up I mention where I am going with my future. I am studying to become a math teacher. I cannot wait to have my own group of students to teach and hopefully inspire. My Reflection

         2. My ClassroomVisual Of My Classroom     
                I have had many visions of what my classroom would look like, but this is my favorite. Starting at the back of the room I would have a student workshop. The student workshop would be used for all the students needs. By students needs I mean: pencils, paper, calculators, math textbooks, and math reminders that students easily forget. On the sides of the classroom I would have student collaboration desks. For my students that are faster learners or that understand the section I am teaching, I would send them back to the desks to do homework or an extra assignment sheet. On the sides of the walls I would have math posters to add a little flare. I would have my students desks around mine. My desk being directly in the center with both sides having students desks and another row of desks towards the back. In the front of the classroom I would have a dry erase board for notes and simply, teaching. I would also have a projector on the top of the ceiling. In my class I want to create the notes on a power point or some other tool so my students can copy them down before I start teaching. I have found that students comprehend what they are learning if they focus solely on the teacher and not multi task by copying down notes and listening to the teacher talk. After my students are done copying them down I will then go over the notes and do examples on the board. Moving onto the rest of my classroom, also in the front, on both sides I would have computes so my students could have online resources. I believe my whole classroom is a student centered learning environment. All the desks are touching so the kids will be able to work together more efficiently. The whole back of the room is equipped with the students basic necessities and two collaboration desks. My classroom also provides communication for everyone. The students have many opportunities to work together either at there seat or at the back tables. I stationed myself in the middle of the room for the sole purpose of communication. Being in the center allows me to focus on all my students and let them know I am able to answer there questions.       
         3.Rituals and Routines -
              The first 10 minutes of class I would review what we learned yesterday with my students. Then I would move on to the notes for the day. I want my students to copy down all the notes first before I start talking. Once everyone is done copying the notes I will start from the beginning and explain what everything means. I believe teaching like this has better communication. Most students had trouble writing and comprehending the concepts at the same exact time. I would then give 5-10 examples depending on the section. The last 3 examples I would write on the board and have my students work in groups to come up with an answer. By doing this I am fulling the collaboration part of being a teacher. First I work through examples with the kids then I let them work with there peers to get the work done. After notes are over, if time permits, I would like my students to work on there homework together. The last few minutes of class I would ask if there were any final questions and put the answers to the 3 examples on the board.  
      4.Instructional Glimpse – 
     Objective: Students will analyze values of integers and rational numbers.
     Standard: 2.1.8.A: Model and compare values of integers and rational numbers.
     Assessment: Pre-assessment and Formative assessment
     Format of Assessment: 1. Students complete ten show your work problems and   then discuss in groups how they came to an answer.
    2.Students will complete a matching worksheet designed to think without doing all the steps.   
     Adaptations: Modify instructions and collaborations. 
            Each day at the start of class I will start off with a question from the previous lesson. Each student will do the problem at there desk then one student will come up and do it at the board while explaining step by step what he/she is doing. This provides me for creative opportunities. Just as a side note, choosing which student goes to the board each day, I was thinking, could be done by randomly picking a students name out of a jar. If the chosen students does a great job at explain the problem a sticker can be rewarded to put on a chart, which would work up to a prize of some sort. Now, back to the lesson. After the morning review problem is done I would ask if there were any questions on the homework assignment(if given). I would take a few minutes to answer the questions and then proceed with the lesson of the day. I would start out by introducing the topic and give a broad overview of what I will be teaching my students that day. My lesson will first be given on a powerpoint allowing the kids to copy down the material before I start teaching. Once everyone is done copying I will go back and explain what everything means. Lastly I would do example problems on the board. Somedays I could even create a game with the students for learning the examples. If time permits, after I complete the lesson my students will get together in groups to either work on a assignment or homework. Finally, in the last few minutes of class I would ask if there were any more questions, and address them.  
      5.My Technology Integration - 
            I am not very fond of using technology but in my experience through out the years of school, I have found a few tools that I could see myself using. The first website I want to introduce my students is called, I love this website so much. This website allows you to enter a math problem and shows you step my step how to do it. Also it can connect you with a real live teacher if you need further help. I have used this tool for an extremely long time. If my students get stuck on a problem I would have them go to this site to figure it out. After reviewing step by step, and they still don’t understand then I would step in to help. The reason I would have them go to this cite first is because I want my students to think for themselves and figure things out on there own before they ask for help. I want to teach my students that sometimes no one is there to help you so you have to think for yourself. Another tool that took some time to use is called I came to like this site because it connects teachers and students together, as well as teachers to other teacher. I used this site all through out high school and I'm glad I did because it was a great way to connect with my teachers. Black Board would allow me as teacher to connect online with my students. This cite lets me do anything I want such as, post videos, put up homework assignments and much more. My favorite part about this cite is it has a chat room. The teacher can go into blackboard and create a chat room for each class or all of her classes together. This would let the students work together and provides the teacher with many possibilities for group assignments. The last website I would like to introduce to my students is called I cannot really describe the site better then how the description is on the site. This is a direct explanation of a wiki from the site. “A wiki is a space on the Web where you can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media — and anything else you can think of. Wikispaces is special because we give you a visual editor and a bunch of other tools to make sharing all kinds of content as easy for students as it is for their teachers.”   
      6.PLN -
           For me growing as a personal learner depends on my students. If my students struggle with the technology then I will have to fix things until everyone is at a comfortable level. After half way through the year I plan on giving a survey to my students asking if they like the form of technology I am using in class. I would also ask if they have a favorite site and how it could work for our classroom. Besides my students I would also grow my own personal network by getting other math teachers involved, so if I am not available some other teacher is. Other then that, updating my sites everyday, I feel, will be beneficial. If I found links to other sites I would put them on my up and running sites so my students can explore.
   7. Feedback-
        My E-Mail

8. Annotated Bibliography-
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