Wednesday, February 22, 2012

College Diversity

Racial Diversity

The above link is to an article dealing with the issue of diversity in colleges. 
The general idea of the article is discussing the idea of how colleges take into account race and socioeconomic status during admissions process. The article talks about the past issue in 2003 on diversity in colleges. Grutter v. Bollinger  This link sum's up the 2003 court cause that first addressed this issue. In colleges the admissions board has to keep up a diversity, so is it fair to deny one student because of there race? Ponder this scenario, a college receives two acceptance letters one from a white person and the other from a African American. The African American has a lower GPA, did worse on there SAT's and there grades were below average.  The white person had good grades and a great SAT score. The college accepts the African American just to make there campus more socially diverse and sends a rejection letter to the white. Do you think this is a good decision?  If this topic is ignored there is going to be segregation in campuses across the United States. At the University of Berkeley they hold a bake sale how wrong it is to judge people solely on there race, they price the bake goods differently depending on your ethnicity. This shows how they feel about colleges basing acceptance rates solely based on socioeconomic status.  

I never knew colleges had to meet a certain ethnicity standard. I found this article very interesting and a controversial topic that can be played around with for years. I also feel that in any situation no matter what  court case is held some one is going to be happy and some one is not. There is really not a way to please everyone. 

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