Monday, February 20, 2012

I Have To Tweet On My Twitter, Then Check My Other 20 Accounts

If you couldn't tell already technology and I are.....not the best of friends. Twitter, for me is just another social network that kids today are blowing up with personal problems, anger, frustrating or just pure boredom. The only way any of the social network sites could be a beneficial tool is if a teacher gives you an assignment, just like this one, to express your opinion on something that actually matters. Who cares, "who broke up with who" or "oh my gosh she's pregnant." I strongly believe any of these networking sites are over rated and just cause a lot more stress then needed. I would rather be learning the basics like how to change the margin size on a word document, but wait I forgot I could just google that to. All in all my first impression of Twitter was, "oh great now I have to spend over 4 hours figuring out how this site works." As I said before the only way I could see Twitter being a good thing is for assignments like we get in SEDU 183. Other then in class assignments I really could not see how this could befit anyone except a social, "lets keep in touch with one another" site.    

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