Thursday, January 26, 2012

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tennis terms!
Carly Charochak
math students jokes

easy listing after a hard day of classes

First assignment

Who are you?....... My name is Carly i am 19 years old, and a freshmen at Edinboro. I play a lot of sports, but tennis is my favorite. I've wanted to be a Math teacher my whole entire life. I can't stand technology. i can't spell to save my life. I have very strong views and opinions about most everything, but i am always willing to see this in different perspectives. I am by far one of the most outgoing people you will ever come across, i'm not embarrassed to go up to someone i've never seen before and introduce myself.  

What are your aspirations in education?........... I want to become a high school math teacher. Most importantly i want to get my students to understand all the concepts in math but doing it in a fun way. I am terrified that by the time I get to be a teacher a lot of technology will have to be incorporated and in that aspect I will struggle. I love being around kids and i not only want to teach them things but i want them to teach me things also, just so i can get better as a teacher.  

What do you hope to share using this blog? I hope to share, that I'm actually trying to understand how to use technology. Also so some people can see different views of the frustrations of technology.